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What i’m currently working on

Away from my agency work, I’m normally involved in a few projects.These range from consultancy work, management work and Some experimental projects. I’ve always loved side projects. I was trying to think back to the last time that I didn’t have one and I honestly can’t remember. I sold hundreds of custom compilation albums at Junior school ( some on tapes!). I made and filmed videos at senior school and at University I sold discontinued furniture and ran club nights at the weekend. Side projects are a nice change of pace and give you a creative testing ground where you are free to experiment and learn new things. Check out what i’m currently working on!

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It is something what I do with passion and love!

  • PPC

    Need instant traffic to your site? I can build the perfect campaign to guide converting traffic to your site

  • Social Media

    As a traffic referrer, brand representative or customer service portal, I will design a social media campaign for you and your needs

  • SEO

    Not ranking? let’s change that, my SEO services will help you develop the keyword relevant traffic you deserve

  • PR

    Shouting from the rooftops isn’t going to get your name out there. WIth PR you can get the brand exposure needed to drive traffic both online and offline

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Take advantage of your industry and let people promote your brand for you

  • Event Management

    Party, trade show or corporate event, i’ll arrange the perfect occasion tailored to your needs

  • Video Marketing

    Communicate to your audience in a way that will drive traffic and get your message across

  • Copywriting

    Whatever the industry, I can create written copy for web pages, blogs and press releases.


My personal ramblings about the news and views of the Marketing industry.

This is my personal blog, where discuss all things marketing. I’ve found that the alot of the industry can be very boring and somewhat reserved when it comes to writing content. Blog content should be about story telling and author expression, so last year I decided to create a new blog where I could rant and share ideas amongst the internet marketing community. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!

About Me

My name is Martin Harris and I am a Digital Marketing Executive. I specialise in online advertising, SEO, PPC,PR social media, affiliate marketing and content marketing. Hired straight from University 3 and a half years ago I was thrown into the world of marketing with the exciting task of managing national press releases and regional radio. Shortly after I moved to a online agency where I fell in love with all things digital. Currently I head up all marketing activities at an exciting business called Evolve Retail (although about to be rebranded to “Evolve”). I’d label myself as a walking contradiction, this is mainly because of my contrasting hobbies and interest. I’m a self confessed geek and have a obsession to film, gaming and technology.In my spare time, I do strongman/powerlifting and enjoy going to the football. I have quite liberal view on life and I enjoy helping people. I love making new business contacts, so if you would like to connect, reach out on the “contact me” section at the bottom of the page.


I‘ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe. These range from International business to smaller SME’s. Whilst working with the brands I have ran global PPC campaigns, affiliate networks, social media and SEO campaigns. Below are some of the clients that I have worked with:

Let’s work together…


Some of my fixed price options

  • Basic SEO Audit

    per Month
    • Keyword research
    • On page optimisation
    • Sitemap,Robot.txt and Tracking
    • SEO report
  • Advanced SEO

    £ 500
    per Month
    • Inc Basic package
    • Link Building
    • Content strategy
    • Technical Care
    • Reporting
  • PPC management

    £ 500
    per Month
    • Campaign build
    • Campaign management
    • Ad copywriting and design
    • Budget control
    • Guaranteed ROI
  • Affiliate management

    £ 500
    per Month
    • Campaign management
    • Banner creation
    • Banner and link promotion
    • Affiliate outreach
    • Reporting


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